Short video presentation of the Taxonomy Visualizer web application developed by Ioannis Karakatsanis and which utilizes the Tech-Mining framework developed in the group:

Introduction and Focus
The group's research interests are extremely broad, and new areas are constantly being explored and added. As such, the following list is not intended to be comprehensive but rather as an illustration of the groups current activities and capabilities:
  • Data Mining for Smart Grids
    • Smart grid load forecasting
    • Smart grid cyber security
      • Accesss control (authentication and authorization)
      • Privacy preservation
      • Intrusion detection
      • Large-scale attack/defense simulation
  • Technology Forecasting
    • Early Growth Technology Analysis
    • Automated Technology Taxonomy Generation
    • Bibliometric Analysis of Publication Databases and Blogs
  • Data Analytics for Renewable Energy Generation
    • Monitoring and control of photovoltaic power generation
    • Tech-mining case study of renewable energy
  • Biomedical Engineering (Biosignal Analysis)
    • Brain Computer Interfaces
    • Prediction of Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Spatio-temporal Data Analysis
    • 3D trajectory matching/alignment
    • Fast 3D trajectory database searching